Vladimir Putin

Pearkes, The Honourable G.R.

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Reference to the speaker's last address 12 years ago when Canada was just emerging from the Second World War and had just signed the United Nations Charter. The hope at that time that we were about to enter a period of peace and economic reconstruction and development. Events during the past 12 years and the different story that they tell. Being confronted today with the alternative of total peace or total war. The aim of international disarmament. A review of the difficulties involved in such a goal. Opposition from the Soviet Bloc in the United Nations of proposals for disarmament. The need to increase our efforts to reach agreement. Working with partners in NATO. Threats to our freedom other than military. The need to stop further expansion of Communism. Canada's obligations in the international field. The Commonwealth Nations; objectives and influence. Assisting the economic development of the countries of South and South East Asia: the Colombo Plan of 1950. Realizing the importance of economic aid to ensure continued progress in the years ahead. The importance of unity in defence in the military field. Canada's participation in the United Nations. What the United Nations has done extremely well. Canada's participation in NATO as the foundation of our defence policy. Deterrence. The establishment of NORAD to implement the strategic objectives of NATO. Non-military aspects of membership in NATO. The work of NATO, the United Nations, and the Commonwealth of Nations towards world peace. Canada playing its full part.