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Floud, Sir Francis

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Migration at the present moment suspended for some time. The question as to whether and when it should be reopened one for the Canadian Government, not for the Government of the United Kingdom. The speaker's first point that those in the Old Country do not regard the emigration of their people as a remedy for their unemployment problem. Successes in employment in Great Britain. Migration as a symptom of prosperity, not a cure for depression. The fallacy that there are funds for the purpose of assisting migration under the Empire Settlement Act. Details of that Act, passed in 1922. Aspects and considerations of encouraging migration from the Old Country to Canada. The days of mass migration of the kind that took place before the war and to some extent since the war, probably over. Immigration as discussed at the Imperial Conferences. The absorptive capacity of Canada. The factor of unemployment in Canada. The decrease in development of the wheat area in Canada as a factor for immigration. The tendency for the foreign born proportion of the total population of Canada to increase. The benefits of making every effort to have as large a proportion as possible of the new settlers coming from the Old Country with the traditions which we share in common. The decline in population in most of the white countries of the world, and its effects of immigration, and on taxation. The serious factor of an abnormal age distribution. The need for attractive conditions if Canada wants in the future to have British migrants. Remembering that any scheme of land settlement on the unoccupied land of Canada is bound to be expensive, and rather speculative. An example, using the scheme that was set in operation not many years ago for settling 3,000 British families in different parts of the Dominion, mainly in the Prairie Provinces. The real possibilities of a considerable movement from the United Kingdom to Canada. A suggestion to work together in every way possible to try and create the conditions that are favourable to a resumption of migration and to remember that it is prosperity and not depression that is the governing factor in the matter.