Vladimir Putin

Paish, Sir George

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The importance of the British people to stand together for success and prosperity, to carry the world to a better time. Consequences of not standing together. The salvation of the present situation in no small measure dependent upon the British Race. The grave economic conditions of the world. How the process of peace has retarded the work of recovery. Security as a League of Nations Bond which everyone would be interested in, everyone would guarantee, everyone would accept. The question of the financial situation, in the speaker's opinion, easier to solve than the economic problem. The speaker's response to the notion that Europe is bankrupt and, being bankrupt, we should not give her more credit. The speaker's attempt to prove to the audience that Europe is not bankrupt, that the Old Country is not bankrupt, and that any money which is subscribed for securities to be loaned to Europe and to the Old Country in order to overcome the Exchange difficulty and enable Europe to buy our food and the food of other nations, and the raw material and manufactured goods that Europe needs, will sooner or later be repaid with interest. A review of the situation in Europe, with figures. The issue of raising taxation in England. The War Profits Tax. Plans for avoiding raising taxation. The matter of the levy upon wealth. The issue of war profiteering. The soldier's point of view. Applying to other nations what has been applied to Great Britain in this regard. The factor of the changes wrought by this war in bringing great wealth to the people who never expected to have great wealth. An examination of wealth in Britain before, during and after the war, with figures. Britain's foreign investments. The speaker's conviction that in the days to come Britain's investment in Russia will prove a good one, that we shall see a great and mighty Russia, a free Russia in which its people will derive incomes commensurate with their labour. Russia's need for outside help. The financial and economic condition of Europe, unable to be fully re-established until the Russian question is solved; how that is so. Great Britain's investments in France. France's reliance on receiving a great indemnity from Germany. The need to realize that Germany's ability to pay is limited. The possibility that loaned money, for instance to Italy, will have to be forgiven, and why that might be so. Discharging practically the whole of the internal debts of Europe through a levy upon wealth made during the war and a moderate levy upon pre-war wealth. The intentions of the democrats of Europe. How it is that the world has made such wonderful progress during the last century, more particularly the last 60 or 70 years, in order to show the line which must be pursued in future if the progress is to be resumed. A consideration of the future in Canada.