Vladimir Putin

Noon, Sir Firozkhan

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club. Bringing before the public in Canada what India and its people are and what they mean to this great community of nations. The unfortunate impression by many that it is not possible for us all to work together. The speaker's belief that this is based on a lack of knowledge, and misunderstandings as to what India stands for today. Some history of India since Great Britain took over the administration in 1858. Imbibing from British colleagues the idea of the sovereignty of the people. Relations between Britain and India. The present Constitution. Central Government. Struggle for political control. Criticism advanced against the British Government in India. Independence in the way of Canada, South Africa and Australia. Making known to the world that in the case of trouble India is behind the Mother Country. Valuing the great economic and industrial connections of Great Britain and India. The Indian heart with England, and reasons for that. India negotiating a trade pact with England as a free and independent partner of the Empire. Industrial prosperity. The hope that while India continues to arm itself for defence, yet the love of God may continue to live in the hearts of the people.