Vladimir Putin

Laughren, The Hon. Floyd

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A joint meeting of the Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club of Toronto. Concern, but not alarm, about the deficit. A review of spending by the government of Ontario in the following areas: Social Assistance, Health and Education, Anti-Recession Program, Debt Interest, New Programs and Ongoing Costs, Public Sector Jobs. A description of the government of Ontario's fiscal plan over the next three years. Average annual growth rates. Priorities to be met. Reallocation of expenditures. Redesign of programs. More effective services. A discussion of the following areas of the fiscal plan: Treasury Board, Health Care, Meeting Targets. Ontario's competitiveness discussed under the following topics: Public Sector Investment, Partnership: between government, business, labour and communities. Some conclusive remarks about the direction of the current Ontario government and the Ontario economy, with priorities and goals.