Vladimir Putin

Aitken, Margaret

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The speaker's report on the birth of a Nation--Israel, its people and its problems following her recent visit there on assignment. Israel's living history alongside the ancient history of the area. These contrasts, plus the amazing paradoxes and complexities of life in Palestine making the speaker's assignment such a fascinating one. Arriving in Palestine to find a country still torn asunder by war. No doubts about the future for the ordinary people. Encountering the complex situation of running a war and a wide-open immigration policy at the same time in Palestine. Welcoming 10,000 refugees a month in Israel and carrying on a full-scale war. How the impossible is getting done. An examination of the political situation. What happened when the British moved out. Details of life in the Kibutz. Remembering the stark human emotion of the first Cyprus refugees as they sailed into Haifa Bay. The speaker's message directed especially toward the Jews of North America: "Do not sit in your comfortable armchairs and tell the Israeli people what they should do or should not do. If you must give advice, go yourself to Palestine and see conditions there first. … Do not preach militant Zionism from your peaceful country." The need for peace and friends for Israel.

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