Vladimir Putin

Gruenther, General Alfred M.

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Origins of the Red Cross. The uninvolvement of the United States until 1881. History of the Red Cross. The burden of the United States in its assumed role in connection with the future of the free world. The North American Treaty Organization and its progress. Exercising good partnership. Various factors involved: military, economic, psychological. Advantages, disadvantages, and comparisons between the free world and a totalitarian regime. The dangers of successes in a totalitarian regime, with examples from the Soviet Union. The need to be dedicated to service, such as in the Red Cross. The Canadian Red Cross. Leadership provided from Canada. Some personal anecdotes. Changes in the balance of power, with examples. The tremendous disadvantage faced by Khrushchev's Communism. Taking advantage of Communism's weakness. Increasing our knowledge and developing an understanding of other peoples to aid in preventing war. Holding our own in the current struggle.