Vladimir Putin

Scott, The Most Reverend Edward Walter

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Viewing things from a Christian perspective. The speaker's personal religious beliefs. A brief review of our culture and knowledge. New possibilities brought about by new knowledge. Making choices not in the context of absolute freedom, but in the context of various possibilities that lie before us. The speaker's suggestion that we need to be accountable to God at all levels of our knowledge. Some personal reminiscences and thoughts. The real test of a belief as it affects one's actions. Making decisions; facing the consequences; reflecting upon those consequences and thereby benefiting from our experiences. An example to illustrate this thought. Knowledge and responsibility. Finding the deeper meaning of our lives in our relationships with others. Relationships at the corporate level. Reconsidering our relationship with nature. The need to strive for a new vision of the kind of world that we want to see come into existence, and in which we want our children and our children's children to live in. Developing a sense of accountability to that which transcends not just our own life, but the lives of all people.

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