Vladimir Putin

Ferguson, Honourable G. Howard

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Three features of English life and the general British situation: the position Britain has taken and the course she has pursued with regard to military activity; her recovery and progress in industry and commerce; her unswerving devotion to the institutions that form the basis of our social and political order. Great Britain, regarded as the symbol of justice and fair play throughout her history. The need for Britain to strengthen and increase her naval police force, if she is to maintain her own defenses and to protect the commerce of the Empire. The defence policy as enunciated by Mr. Baldwin and the Chancellor of the Exchequer in the last election. Securing the co-operation of the nations of the world to prevent an aggressive action, to prevent invasion, imposition. Britain's obligation to the League of Nations. The Covenant providing for collective action and when collective action becomes impossible, a dissolution of the League because it is not a League unless it acts in co-operation. The speaker's conviction that the future security and peace and prosperity of the world depends upon the actions that take place in Great Britain. Canada's signing of the League Covenant. The opponents of Britain looking for an opportunity of saying that the Commonwealth Nations are not united behind Great Britain. Britain's remarkable recovery, industrially, commercially and financially, and how that happened. The speaker's job of selling Canada to Great Britain and selling Britain's goods to Canada. Witnessing the celebration of the 25th anniversary of King George's accession to the throne.