Vladimir Putin

Ferguson, Hon. G. Howard

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Some phases of public activity and public problems that seem to the speaker to be uppermost in the mind of every Britisher at the present moment. The speaker's conviction that it is not only desirable but essential to the safeguarding of all liberty and the spirit of justice and freedom throughout the whole world that Britain should hold a dominating place in the shaping of the world's course and the strengthening of the fibre of civilization itself among the nations of the world. How this is to be brought about. The speaker's belief of what the British Empire must be in terms of unifying the purposes and aims of countries of the British Empire. An example set in Canada. The striking example of the advantages of consolidation and co-operative effort that was to be found in the great conflict of 1914-18. A further example in the more recent Indian Conference taking place in London. An Empire that cannot live on sentiment alone. Some words from men whose study, whose life-history and position commend their opinions to us: Rt. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain; Rt. Hon. W.M. Hughes of Australia; Lord Melchett. Encouraging investment in Canada from British capitalists. The extent of Canadian resources. The new story of Canada to be told to the Britisher. Evidence of progress in Canada. Encouraging the migration of British people to Canada. Some words on the speaker's position as Canadian High Commissioner in London.