Vladimir Putin

Hardwicke, Sir Cedric

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The theatre as a cultural force. The drama, "the simplest expression of man, his passions, moods, feelings, character, has been assailed by all forms of mechanical entertainment." Competition from movies and radio resulting in better theatre. Economic difficulties in the professional theatre. The confinement of the drama to the large cities resulting in the theatre coming to live in other forms. The Drama Festival in Toronto as an example. The still great imaginative art that is theatre. The dependency upon the imaginative co-operation of the audience. The lack of control of the audience over motion pictures. Consequences of the disappearance of the theatre. The theatre keeping alive the beauties of our language. The theatre in the past responsible for many of the great personalities. Some words on conditions in the world today. Getting back to the theatre, getting back to the beauty and some of the colour of the great plays of the past. Some comments on the motion picture industry.