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A presentation of some facts relative to the condition of Canadian agriculture as it has existed in the last 15 or 20 years and as it exists today. Drawing our attention to some of the important things which should be taken to heart. First, a statement by Dr. J.W. Robertson in one of the reports of the Commission on Conservation on agriculture in Canada. Agriculture as one of the most important industries which contribute to man's welfare. Agriculture as the largest, most important and most fundamental of Canada's primary industries. The country as the seed-bed of the whole population. As the quality is in our country district, so will the nation be in the years to come. Reasons for this notable fact. A short extract from one of Wordsworth's poems, written at the time of the French Revolution. The continuance of democracy and how it is very largely dependent upon agriculture. The close connection between the condition of agriculture and our financial condition as a nation, with some dollar figures. Comments regarding the policy that has guided Canada during the last 25 years, in which we are stimulating our secondary industries at the expense of our primary industries. Effect of the war. Ignorance existing in our cities regarding rural conditions. The speaker's personal background in both city and country life. The very serious rural problem which faces us. Aspects of the problem. The curtailment of production. Depletion in our rural districts leading to a suffering in the social life of the people. Some examples and illustrations. Reasons for such a decline in the rural populations. The relative rewards of the agricultural life. Financial rewards of agriculture, with some dollar figures. Ways in which the present condition of agriculture is a menace to our whole national safety and our whole national character.