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Griffith, Ernest B.

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The story of the recent growth of the Port of Toronto. "Selling" the Port. History and background dating back to the opening of the new canals in 1959, or further, to World War II. The timing of the Seaway. Factors affecting the Seaway development, including overseas trade. Details of developments with statistics and activities. New services. The formation of the International Association of Great Lakes Ports. The attraction of the area to organized crime. The work of churches and church organizations on the waterfront. The possibility of a world trade centre. Assisting and promoting international trade. Helping exporters and potential exporters to be competitive in all foreign markets, including the Commonwealth and European Common Market. Opportunities for expansion, trade development, contribution to the growth of southern Ontario, leadership in the introduction of human factors into a port's commercial enterprise. Developing a Port community of which we can be proud.