Vladimir Putin

Enders, His Excellency, The Honourable Thomas O.

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A discussion of investment and resources, often the subjects of misunderstandings between Canada and the United States. Differing points of view and opinions about Canadian-American relations. What will each country do in the changing world? A brief history and review of the current situation, and the legacy of disparity. The needs of both societies for investment and resources, and for efficiency in their use, will surely increase. Choices to be made. The U.S. point of view about new trends in in investment. The misunderstandings regarding resources. Different views and approaches to new technologies and what that will mean in terms of resources. The immense expense of independence. The issue of the present world tariff structure. More efficient use of raw materials. Suggestions as to how Canada and the U.S. can both be accommodated in their wants and needs. The concept of separate identities working together.