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Bruce, The Honourable Herbert A.

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Toronto men living in caves in the Don Valley just three years ago. Inadequate shelter in Toronto. The increasing demand for houses at a low rental, and reasons for it. Expected demands for additional dwellings within the reach of the lower grades of wage earners each year for the next four or five years. Difficulties in supply. Expected diminution of the relief burden in all its forms, and reasons for that. The need for the appointment of a separate and independent authority working on behalf of the city and as an agent for the city both in an advisory capacity and also in an administrative capacity with regard to the determination of areas of development. The requirement of a state subsidy for housing. Financial support, with calculations based on the Ganong Report given in the House of Commons in 1935. Figures and statistics on housing needed, and costs to supply them. The need for a state subsidy supplemented by provincial and municipal subsidies. Details as to how this can be arranged and actually accomplished. A look at what was done in King City outside Toronto. Lessening the huge amounts of public money now being poured out in relief through housing schemes. What effect housing might be expected to have on the relief expenditure in Toronto, with dollar figures. A look at a similar plan in the United States. Congratulations to those involved in the Provincial Government's scheme for housing being carried out with the enthusiastic co-operation of municipal councils, as is being done in Scarborough. The refusal by The City of Toronto by St. James Cathedral of property on which could be built some 41 houses. Wondering at the hesitations and vacillations of many people who so patiently endure the wrongs that others have to bear. The possibilities for home building on a large Dominion-wide scale. The purpose of The Housing Centre. A comparison of caves and the cave man with slums and slum dwellings. Remembering the efforts of civilization.