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Leacock, Prof. Stephen B.

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An address before the Empire Club and Toronto Educationists. First, words from the Dr. E. Clouse. Canada, half Colonial and half Imperial. The question as to what will be the ultimate destiny of Canada. Thoughts that led to the formation of the Empire Club. The need to bring this matter more closely to the attention of the rising generation. The development of Imperial principles and the broadening and deepening of Imperial sentiment; ways in which this may be accomplished. The influence wielded by educationists. The practical use of post-graduate work. Deploring the fact that our youth often goes abroad to pursue their studies, often going to the United States or Germany. Finding ways to get these students to study in the institutions of the Old Land. An introduction of the speaker by the President of the Empire Club, Mr. J.P. Murray. Prof. Stephen B. Leacock: Two subjects of address: the present position of the Empire and what one may call the Imperial movement, and about the part which those of us who are interested in education are called upon to play in that movement. The question of the coming Conference at London. Rumours as to the intentions of our Canadian Government with regard to this coming Imperial gathering. A reading of part of the speaker's pamphlet, "Greater Canada," urging that "We will be your colony no longer. Make us one with you in an Empire, Permanent and Indivisible." What such Imperialism would mean. The desire for a higher and more real Imperialism. What we should be teaching our children. The destiny of Canada. An expression of the speaker's political credo, his article of faith. The speaker's belief that there is need now for an Imperial movement in Canada. An enlarging on the thoughts presented and ways for educationists to advance them. Commentary by Professor Alfred Baker, Mr. James L. Hughes, President Murray, Professor Leacock again, and Professor McGillivray of Glasgow who thanked the speaker.