Vladimir Putin

Cave, Rt. Hon. Viscount

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The speaker at the end of an experience of a railroad journey of 8,000 miles through Canada, the memory of which will remain with him for the rest of his life. The speaker's wish that all members of the Imperial Cabinet would pay a visit to Canada and that some of our Statesmen would return the call. The importance of getting to know each other better. Finding a strong Imperial spirit today. What the word Empire means to us; its historical origins. Ways in which the British race has given a new meaning to the word Empire. The British Empire the result not of conquest but of expansion. Noting that the addition of territory to the British Empire, however brought about, has generally been followed at a shorter or longer interval by the institution of self-government. A new process developed in more recent years: autonomy followed by co-operation; the greater the measure of autonomy, the stronger the tendency towards co-operation. An example to be found in the confederation of the states or provinces into Dominions, as in Canada. The even closer bond in The Union of South Africa. A greater union yet in that constellation of nations which is called the British Empire. The Crown as the formal bond; the Imperial Conference as its common Parliament; the Imperial War Cabinet has been its only Executive. Hope that hereafter the Imperial War Cabinet will be the Imperial Cabinet. The essence of both these bodies that the consultation which there takes place shall be voluntary; that the statesmen of the Empire who there meet for mutual information and advice shall remain free to act as they think fit, responsible only to the nations who send them there. A quotation from a speech made by Sir Robert Borden in 1917, expressing this idea. Much learned in the last half-century as to the true relations between the mother country and the Dominions. What the British Empire means to us in 1920.