Vladimir Putin

The Honourable Douglas Young

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Identifying the developments that are likely to shape the challenges for global security in the initial years of the next century. Evidence of geopolitical manoeuvering with the United States, Russia, China and the European Community, among others, re-evaluating their roles in an uncertain world: a short review. A number of violent conflicts that continue to pose serious challenges to peace. The continuing risk of conflict between states. Peacekeeping and peacemaking operations still often needed in the developing parts of the world where there is a collapse of authority and political, social and military chaos. The need for the United Nations to evolve if it is to provide a framework for meeting the challenges for action in response to the threats to security in various regions of the world. The question of how the Canadian Forces will meet the challenges of the 21st century. Retaining multi-purpose, combat-capable forces to carry out the essential mission of defending Canada and contributing to international peace and security. Dealing with instability in the world in the aftermath of the Cold War. Now in the second year of a comprehensive five-year programme to restructure the Forces, downsize headquarters, reduce infrastructure and improve management practices to provide Canadians the best value for their defence dollars. Some illustrative figures. Suggestions that we should make different choices, and the speaker's response to that. Making the choice to maintain our role and prestige as a G7, NORAD and NATO nation. The need to provide the Canadian Forces with the right equipment and appropriate training. Details of what is needed. Costs involved. A vision of the future of a revitalised Canadian military made up of multi-purpose, combat-capable forces, both Regular and Reserve, ready to carry out any of the operations entrusted to them. A defence policy founded upon our hopes for, and understanding of, a changing world and the values Canadians wish to protect, promote and perpetuate.