Vladimir Putin

Cadieux, The Hon. Pierre

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Students staying in school as the key component in Canada's competitiveness and prosperity. Education as the key to Canadians understanding their history, and each other. Understanding the past and the nature of our country to enhance future unity and strength as a nation. The "public evil" of a dropout rate of 30%; one of the highest in the industrialized world. The "Stay-in-School" Campaign and a description of its components. The economic and social effects of 100,000 dropouts a year over a decade. Statistics and illustrative figures of such effects. A review of jobs and careers that require at least 17 years of schooling. The need for Canada's youth to be better educated. How the system is failing young people and the business community at both the secondary and higher levels. Our rank as 11th in our system's responsiveness to the demands of global competition. Examples of ways to encourage stdents to stay in school and to further their education. Enrolment and money not the problem: results are the problem in Canada. What Canada has been doing. The urgent need to address the issue of high school dropouts. Consequences of the rate of dropouts, and the link to Canada as a world competitor. The switch from natural to human resources in Canada as our economic base. Goals to promote a learning culture in the 90's. How parents and business leaders can encourage students to stay in school. Examples of partnership. The need for a community-wide effort. The effects, with examples, of how not knowing each other and our history well enough is part of the problem. Unity and prosperity in Canada and how they are linked to education: some concluding remarks.