Vladimir Putin

Martin, The Rt. Hon. Paul

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Toronto Board of Trade. Two of the major forces that will exert the greatest influence on our nation in the years ahead, with a discussion of each. First, the realignment of global economic power. Second - our demographics. How to prepare for the pressures these two forces will exert on Canada. Planning ahead. A commitment to fiscal responsibility by the speaker's government. Details of what that means. Cutting through the opposition claims and getting to the facts. Discussio of the budgtet agreement reached with the NDP. Three things to understand about that. Protecting Canada's finances. Casualties of the deficit years. Reinvesting in Canada from our surpluses. What that means. Preparing Canada to meet the future. Remarks about NAFTA. Investng in the drivers of economic growth - seeking to create greater wealth at lower cost. The agreement on health care and the importance of that agreement. Working with the provinces and territories. Taxes. Early learning. Childcare. Vibrant communities.