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Falconer, Sir Robert

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The Khaki University, now placed on an official and permanent basis. The establishment of a Department for Educational Service in the Canadian Military Overseas Forces. Organization of the Department. Responsibilities of the Director of Overseas Education. Periodic meetings and advise upon matters of policy of the advisory Senate. Educational organization in England and France. Costs to the Canadian Government. The new stage of the Khaki University. A tribute to the quality of our men at the front, and to the intelligence and far-seeing statesmanship of our men who are in control of the army. What has been done in Canada being followed by other countries. Origins and background to the Khaki University. The work of Dr. Tory in investigating and planning out this scheme. Aims and work that is being carried out. Engaging the attention of our troops through their leisure moments on active service at present, and particularly in the period of demobilization, in order that they may be returned home more capable intellectually than they would have been otherwise. The education to begin at the very bottom to address questions of literacy. Three main departments to be Commercial, Agricultural and Engineering subjects, together with general education. A curriculum outline. The effectiveness of the instruction. The work hitherto in its initial stages. Dealing with serious problems during demobilization. This scheme one that is a conservation of natural resources of the highest order, some of which are to be partially of University grade; recognizing the need of them. The whole scheme one of the development of an intellectual interest which will make our men better citizens and better Canadians.

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