Vladimir Putin

Bishop, Air Marshal William A. (Billy)

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and the Canadian Club. The speaker's recent flight across the Atlantic. The civilian population in England and how they are coping. Bomb damage. An illustrative anecdote of the British attitude and courage in this time of danger. The speaker's flight in a light machine from one place to another throughout England. The flight heroes of today. Checking our figures of claims of machines shot down for accuracy. The victory that has already been achieved. The veracity of damage claimed. Precautions against invasion. The speaker's meetings with Mr. Churchill, and the King. Time spent with the Royal Canadian Air Force in England. Heavy raids in London. The people of Britain counting on the people in Canada. The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Two dominant thoughts in this hour of Britain's formidable ordeal: succour for the grief-stricken and homeless and punishment for the criminals who have done this thing. The role that once belonged alone to the Mother of our Empire now belonging to all the Empire. The Empire after this travail.