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A short resume of the beginnings of a country to which, perhaps, it is not too much to say that the eyes of the Old World are turned at present: Canada. The origin of the name of "Canada." The discoveries of John and Sebastian Cabot, and of Jacques Cartier. The origin of the name "Quebec." More historical events, leading up to 1899, when The Hon. George W. Ross, then Premier of Ontario, directed the speaker to prepare a scheme of exploration in the northern parts of the Districts of Nipissing, Algoma, Thunder Bay and Rainy River. Recommendations for parties to be sent out, each under the charge of an experienced Ontario Land Surveyor to gather specific information: the nature of the soil; the nature, extent, size and quality of the timer; the fixed rocks met with and economic minerals; the general features of the country obtained by a track survey of the water communications, etc.; any valuable water-power, giving the estimated fall and describing the nature of the banks on either side. Some of the results of this exploration, with many details and figures. The future of our northern country. What we want in Canada today and in the future.