Vladimir Putin

Kavanagh, James E.

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Industrial relations. The shift from work at home to work outside the home, which then changed its name to industry. The unchanging characters of the people that do the work. The human factor now entering into the conduct of various business enterprises. A decrease in immigration since the war and the resulting scarcity of human labour. How that has effected the leaders of industry. Giving thought to the ways and means by which men and women can be kept pleased and satisfied. A new outlook on industry. Man as a four-sided individual: physical, mental, social, and sentimental. A consideration of each side or element. How industry today is catering to all sides in its effort to build up a solid, contented, satisfied and efficient machine. The mechanics and the humanics of business. Criticism being levelled against many employers of labour and the speaker's response to it. A detailed discussion of how industry is dealing with all four sides of their workers. Details of education, financial and social programmes provided for workers. Programmes operated through insurance companies. Life and hospitalization insurance. Old age insurance, or pensions. The word "retirement" used more frequently now than "pension." An analogy between these programmes and family life. The "good business" element of these programmes. The new gospel being preached by the employers of labour today: the three H's--the hands, the head and the heart.