Vladimir Putin

Service, Dr. Charles W.

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The numerous Chinese problems. Three of four of these problems addressed, and enlarged in some detail. The speaker's service in China as a medical missionary. The problem of approach. Learning the Chinese point of view, not just their language, but how they see things, which is often almost the antithesis of how Western minds view the world. The second problem of language and literature. The difficult Chinese languages as a barrier. The problem of industry and commerce. The immeasurable expansion of which the Chinese people are capable. Two or three outstanding features of Chinese industry and commerce. China's wonderful fertile people and wonderfully fertile soil; no limit to the amount of human labour. China's vast natural resources. Undeveloped capital. The need for foreigners to go into China and help her develop those natural resources and utilize what there is to be found in the way of human material and natural intelligence, frugality, and other qualities of the Chinese. Transportation and communication in China. China's financial situation as one of the greatest of all the problems that China has to face. Borrowing from Japan; control in China by Japan. China's political and diplomatic situation. The nature of the Chinese people. Features of China that make it a diplomatic danger-spot in two directions: in isolation, and in exploitation. How to secure the proper and satisfactory development of the human material in China. Medical problems in China. A look at China from the point of view of public health. Solving physical problems in China by means of medical education. General education in China. The high rate of illiteracy in China. Missionary education, which has been responsible for the new educational system governing in China. The complete turnover of the educational regime. Cleaning up China from a moral standpoint. Government corruption. Dealing with aggression from Japan. The opium problem and how it has been dealt with. Religion in China. Introducing a new business morality into China.

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