Vladimir Putin

Rader, General Paul A.

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A joint meeting of The Empire Club of Canada and The Canadian Club of Toronto. The underside of life - of silent suffering, powerlessness, poverty and pain, addition and abuse. How we manage, most of the time, to be oblivious to these darker realities. How they suddenly intrude. The choice made by Salvationists, and how that choice is driven by faith. The street-tested reality that keeps Salvationists living hopefully. Some illustrations of the work of the Salvation Army. Social problems seen in contemporary society. A discussion of human suffering and how we might listen to it with the ears of the heart. The international Aid programme. The Salvation Army, continuing to address the perennial problems of homelessness and unemployment, hunger, and limited access to health care. Some figures as to the number of people aided by the Army. The effects of moral poverty on violence and social trauma. The civic case for religion. The critical role of faith. The Army's gratitude for those who care about the plight of those who find themselves struggling to survive on the underside of life.