Vladimir Putin

Amery, the Right Honourable L.C.S.M.

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The impossibility of separating the growth of Canada's national life from the development of the British Empire. A brief historical review of Canada as part of the British Empire. The influence of the United Empire Loyalists and their descendants upon the whole conception of a united Empire in Great Britain, with example. Canada's leading role in the development of those conceptions upon which the new British Empire is built. The Quebec Act and its role in the American Revolution. The landmark of responsible government. Lord Durham's report which laid the foundations of responsible government. The landmark of Confederation and its consequences. The Imperial Conference at Ottawa 24 years ago and how it laid the foundation stone of great developments in Imperial co-operation. The Pacific Cable and its role in keeping the Empire together. The Imperial Conference of last year and how it carried out the principles embodied in Lord Durham's report. The culmination of that desire to express more clearly the full nationhood of the Dominions which voiced itself first at the Imperial Conference in 1917 and through successive stages. Canada's political development. The unlikelihood that either Canada or Great Britain would want to sever ties with each other. Shaping the Empire of the future. Building up the framework of economic co-operation. Canada's destiny.