Vladimir Putin

Cody, Rev. Canon

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Posing the question of how to secure a greater interest in public affairs, expressed by the casting of the vote. The principles of democracy, and the growth and expression of those principles in history. The term "Democracy" and underlying ideas. Comments on democracy as understand in terms outlined. A history of the development of democracy. Conditions under which aristocracy gives way to democracy, with example. Certain propositions that may be laid down of democracy as applied to a state, each with discussion: Democracy is the only form of state ultimately acceptable in our generation; The only type of democracy possible in a modern state is representative democracy; The essence of representative democracy is the rule of the majority; For the effective expression of representative democracy, and for the satisfactory execution of the will of the majority, the two-party system, under our constitution, is almost essential; If democracy is to fulfill its high ideal of responsible self-determination, there is need of "a diligent education of public opinion, a thorough purification of the common conscience, and a vigorous strengthening of the general will." Four prerequisites among the people if democracy is to run smoothly: a high standard of honesty and honor; a high level of intelligence and a sound system of education; an underlying sense of its unity and solidarity throughout the whole community; an explicit public opinion. The method whereby democracy expresses itself, and governs the country. The motto of democracy. Attaining the end of self-government. Democracy today come to its triumph, but also to its trial. On what democracy's effective government really depends. Grounds for anxiety. The contrast between what the theory of democracy requires and what the practice of democracy reveals. Democracy not an idol to be worshipped but an ideal to be realized. Demands of democracy. Indifference as our chief enemy. Voting statistics. Origins of the word "idiot."

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