Vladimir Putin

Cockshut, W.F.

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The matter of Empire Unity. The speaker's representation of Toronto and Ontario at the Congress of the Chambers of Commerce of the Empire in Sydney, Australia. Ways in which this gathering was unique. The three most important questions that the speaker believes the Congress dealt with out of the fifty that were on the paper: Imperial Preference or Preferential Trade; Defence, particularly with regard to the Navy; Empire Organization. Being inspired by the spirit of Empire unity. What the Empire means to the speaker. A discussion and consideration of these three issues (trade, defence, and Imperial organization) at one and the same time. The necessity of trade co-operation in order that the body politic may be strengthened. Trade co-operation which means the passage of more mails, more cables, more inter-travel and closer touch between the various peoples that compose the Empire than we have at present. A unanimous voice found at the Congress with regard to naval defence particularly; that every part of the Empire should bear its fair share in defending the various parts of the Empire. The response that might find in Canada. One fleet for the Empire, and that invincible as the duty of both the mother and the daughter states. Canada's contribution. A resolution passed at the Congress in favour of an Imperial Council; that we should have one voice while speaking with outside nations or with the enemy in the gate. Concluding with a few verses that the speaker used in Melbourne in replying to the toast of "Our Guests" from the poet Arnold.