Vladimir Putin

Newman, Peter C.

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A split subject: these 1980s in which we find ourselves, and then speculation on the future of the Canadian Establishment. Shared experiences that form the perception of any decade. A brief historical review of Canada's recent decades and the issues that concern us. The lack of viable political options in Canada today in terms of political parties and leaders. A suggestion for a national government that would "recruit the best talents available in the country and mobilize public opinion in an all-out effort to reverse the existing business climate." An exploration of this idea. The widening dichotomy of trust between the governors and the governed. Consequences of the actions of Pierre Trudeau. The question as to whether Canada is in recession or depression. Some comparisons. Concerns about the banking system. The need for a declaration of a full-scale economic emergency with a national government "which has deliberately jettisoned petty partisan motives." The survival of the Canadian Establishment.