Vladimir Putin

Mustard, Dr. J.F.

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Some introductory quotations from Rev. Dr. E.D. McLaren and Jerome Weisner. A recent statement from the Economic Council of Canada with regard to the importance of research "as the means by which we expand the frontier of knowledge." A consideration of the problem of health care, medical education and medical research in the face of changes in economics, technology and education. The significance of health and health care to individuals, and to our society. The current situation. The inter-relationship of medical education and medical research; of research, education, and health care. The fundamental role that research plays in attracting competent scientists to staff new institutions and to strengthen existing institutions. The loss of the best students to the United States. Differences in funds spent on medical research between Canada and the U.S. Canada's status as an "underdeveloped" nation in terms of research. Consequences of this lack of support for research and medical training. A review of these problems by Woods, Gordon and Co., commissioned by C.L. Gundy. The resulting report, and who endorsed it. The main points of the Gundy Report. Facts to illustrate the problem. The dollars required to increase support. Looking at this cost as a reasonable investment to insure the high standard of an expensive but necessary operation. What is needed to achieve the objectives outlined. Seizing the opportunity: a simple choice between excellence or mediocrity in health care for Canadians in the future.