Vladimir Putin

Ferguson, The Honourable G. Howard

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Looking at the word "Empire." A lack of clear understanding of just what the Statute of Westminster means and how it applies to the Empire. A quote from the Statute. What the term "Commonwealth of Nations" means and to what it applies. Canada as a self-governing people within the orbit of the British Empire. Canada's destiny. The desire to see Canada expand to the utmost limit and at the same time seeing her maintain, encourage and inculcate future generations with the basic spiritual impulses that have made the British Empire great. The British character and the British people. The ancestry of Britain's tradition. The tendency of the world for co-ordination, the co-operation of larger units of population and greater national organizations. How that will affect Canada. The common defence arrangement with the United States. The speaker's belief that it is our main duty to remain an integral part of the British Empire. The question as to what direction Canada is to take in the future as something for the Canadian people to decide and something that they must decide in the very near future. The speaker's belief that Canada is one of the countries that will benefit from the war through immigration. Our British inheritance in law and order. The British Navy, for centuries standing between us and danger. Holding fast to the things that are good.