Vladimir Putin

McClure, Dr. Robert Baird

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The position of Canada as a bridge between Europe and the Far East, particularly as a bridge in relation to China. Some concrete actions that the speaker believes we as Canadians could take, and should take. Three chief causes for the civil war now engulfing China, with a discussion of each: war nerves or operational fatigue; economic disorganization; the divergence of political thought as to the plan for the future. Consequences of inflation. What Canada can do to help in the following fields, with a brief discussion of each: Commercially; Industrially; Politically; Culturally. Specific examples of assistance, such as sending out five of our best hydro-electric engineers to help in the surveying and designing of future power sites in China and aid in drawing up the specifications for the plants required, or sending out agricultural experts to aid in the solution of some of the problems of Chinese agriculture. Canada's unique position; the only nation of our size with a Pacific coast that is above suspicion in the Pacific. A summation of the speaker's belief in Canada and her ability to help other nations of the world to develop to their full stature and then unite them with mutual bonds across oceans.