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The choice of "The Four Parties to Industry" in order to emphasize a truth which seems to be fundamental in any attempt to cope with the industrial unrest which has followed so closely, and so inevitably, in the wake of war; if there is to be release from the thraldom of fear in which men's minds are everywhere held, "it is the Truth that shall set us free, and the enforcement of that Social Justice which the Truth demands." This subject is addressed under the following headings: The Meaning of Industrial Unrest; What is Industry?; The Parties to Industry; Parties to Industry Interdependent; Existing Organization of Industry Inadequate; Monopoly of Control by Capital Responsible for Reactions; Drift Toward Monopoly of Control by the Community; Drift Toward Monopoly of Control by Labor; Abolition of Monopoly Control the Only Remedy; The Wisdom and Justice of Joint Control; Existing Monopoly of Control Unfair to Capital; Existing Monopoly of Control Unfair to Management; Existing Monopoly of Control Unfair to Labor; Existing Monopoly of Control Unfair to the Community; Single Control Must Give Way to Partnership; The Necessary Transition; Government in the State a Guide to Government in Industry; From Autocratic to Responsible Government; The Basis of an Industrial Constitution; The Principle of Conference; The Principle of Investigation; The Principle of Organization and Collective Action; The Principle of Representation; Joint Committees and Joint Industrial Councils; The Service of Organized labor; A New Spirit Necessary; A New Conception of Industry; An Easter Hope. The parties to industry of which the speaker is concerned are Labor, Capital, Management or Directing Ability, and Community. The speaker's belief that while we are accustomed to discuss the problems of industry in terms of Capital and Labor, the inability to find a workable solution to many of the problems arises from a vision thus circumscribed, and an ignoring of other factors equal in significance and importance. "To carry on industry in any but the most primitive kind of way, four parties, discharging separate and distinct functions, are necessary." The ensuing discussion is well summarized by the section headings. The conclusion of the address, under "An Easter Hope" consists of a reading of some of the speaker's writing, in which he seeks to enlarge upon the principles outlined here.

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