Vladimir Putin

Pidgeon, Rev. G.C.

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The difficulty of reproducing Eastern in Western Canada. The effect of the East on the West: there are entirely new elements entering into the life of that country. The influences of the land itself, the mountains and the valleys of the interior of British Columbia bringing up a proud and sensitive Highland race. The vast prairies, where they mark their farms by the parallels of latitude, with all the influences brought to bear upon the men there. The human elements. Certain things that impress you as you go West. The hopefulness of the West. The resoluteness and confidence with which the people in the West are taking hold of their problems. Criticisms made. The courage with which the people have broadened the basis of our democracy. Some personal reminiscences and anecdotes. A look at the development of the West in the last two years. The West leading in giving the vote to women. Evidence and instances of the new community spirit that is springing up, especially on the Western plains. The fearful isolation of life, particularly on the prairies, so fatal to the mentality of many men, and also of women. The need for co-operation. The value of the school not merely for the education it brings, but from the contribution it makes to the community life. The school and the church as social centres. The new national spirit in the West, the spirit of Canadian nationhood. The testimony of the West that unity of all races and creeds is absolutely essential to the national life and national health of Canada. Taking the most and the best that is in us to rise to the opportunity and make Canada a united nation, standing for principles of liberty and righteousness and justice as in our dreams we picture her in the days to come.