Vladimir Putin

Thomson of Fleet, The Right Honourable Sir Roy Herbert, Lord

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The speeches are free of charge but please note that the Empire Club of Canada retains copyright. Neither the speeches themselves nor any part of their content may be used for any purpose other than personal interest or research without the explicit permission of the Empire Club of Canada.

Personal views of critical issues facing the world today. Transition: a move towards larger units, groupings of national countries and of business. Personal anecdotes, examples, and illustrations of this move; also resulting effects. The Common Market. The situation between Canada and the United States. Problems with the American import surcharge. Canada's favoured position vis-à-vis the United States, especially advantages in terms of defence and security. U.S. protection. Canada's The rise of China in terms of world trade and power. Other potential growth in Asian countries. A review of the economic and political situations in Japan, the Soviet Union, Thailand, the Middle East, the sub-continent of India. Predictions for the next decade.