Vladimir Putin

Tucker, Rev. Canon L. Norman

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The speaker's supposition that the great mass of the Canadian people are satisfied that Canada should remain an integral portion of the British Empire, and why that might be so. Canada today as a young nation, one of a family of nations within the bounds of the British Empire. Canada's material resources we are called upon to exploit and develop. A consideration of some of the elements of our national situation from a national point of view. The commerce of New Ontario. What New Ontario means to old Ontario, and the larger meaning for our nation. Ways in which new Ontario comes in to bridge over the chasm, to join the Ottawa and Winnipeg Rivers, to join Quebec and Manitoba, to join the East and the West and to effect a gradual transition from Eastern Canada to Western Canada, practically obliterating all possibility of cleavage in the future between the East and the West. Looking at the prairies from a national point of view. How the speaker looks upon the West of Canada. Canada's geographical position from a national point of view. Material resources as only the foundation of a nation or an empire. Canada's romantic history. Canada's genealogy, our parentage. Patriotism. Wolfe's accomplishments. Citizenship. Seeking today to solve one of the most delicate and difficult problems of citizenship; solving it successfully by the fusion of two great races in the exploiting of the resources of half a continent. Pride in our ancestry, our history, our heritage. Finding an outlet for some of our energy and enterprise on the deck of a man-of-war. Drawing the bonds that unite the Empire together more closely. The relation of Canada with the Motherland and with all the other parts of the Empire. The training of citizens, the training of men for the nation and for the Empire. The word that the press has to do here. What constitutes a man. Asking how we are going to produce men who are fit citizens for our Dominion and our Empire.