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The Hon. Michael J.L. Kirby

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The hot political issue that is health care. The focus on shortening wait-times. The final report on the acute health-care system in Canada - "The Health of Canadians." The recommendation that goverments adopt a health-care guarantee. What that would mean for Canadians. The health-care guarantee as an idea whose time has come and how that is so. An explication of the concept. A discusion of the Chaoulli decision and the Supreme Court conclusion. Implications of that conclusion. Other rulings in law on the timely access issue. Some reflections on the reaction some people have had to the Supreme Court decision in the Chaoulli case. Critics who do not understand the history of the Charter, with a discussion following. The future of the health-care issue. The bite of the health-care guarantee. Necessary strategies. Changes in the way health-care services are delivered - with some illustrative examples. Successes in Alberta and Ontario. On what that success depended. Some potentially more radical changes that may result from the Chaoulli decision. What Canada can learn from other OECD countries - other than the United States. The inevitability of major changes. The preferred solution of the health-care guarantee. Some summary remarks. Better health care for all Canadians.