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The founding of The Empire Club of Canada in 1903. Adopting the motto "Canada and a United Empire." The establishment of a branch of The Empire Club in Winnipeg this year. Winnipeg's future wrapt up in the development of our Western plains. Some words from eminent visitors about this area. The ability of Canada's matchless climate to develop a hearty type of manhood, a strong type of national character that predestines Canada and her people to the dominating position of this Continent in a measurable period of time. Emigration from Canada to the United States, and why it is happening. The suggestion that a Commission be formed representing the church, agriculture, business and finance, to get in touch with expatriated Canadians of all ages to determine their motives in emigrating, what they have gained by leaving, what would prompt them to return, etc., and then to take steps to administer the correct remedies. Debate in recent months in all parts of the Empire regarding the future of the Commonwealth, especially on the subject of interrelationship between the different component parts and as to their dealings with international affairs. The result of a majority of sentiment that the Empire as an organism is of immense value to the peoples which compose it, a prime factor for peace, order and freedom in the whole world, and that its dissolution would benefit neither its members nor the world at large. Reasons why the formation of Empire Clubs throughout Canada, and indeed throughout the Empire, is a very vital need of the day. A list of six possibilities and great rewards to be gained of both a spiritual and a material nature in the united efforts of our Empire and of our Commonwealth of nations acting together.