Vladimir Putin

Taylor, Allan R.

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Changes underway in Canada's financial system. Questions of the process of regulatory reform; will it be progress; who will benefit; government and industry involved and vocal, but what about the customer? The financial industry in Canada in a state of change. "financial services industry restructuring" and what it really means. The changes in the banks: technological, entrepreneurial, information-based and service-oriented. The growing pains of change. New technology and global competition forcing change. Electronic technology as a instrument of change; marketplace the driving force. Financial services struggling for market share. Trends toward diversification and interdependence in financial services. How these changes are important to and effect all Canadians. Financial services changed in advance of regulatory reform; legislation and regulation overdue for revision. What is happening with regulatory reform. The main issue of any reform is "Who benefits?" Market dominance of Canadian banks a myth. An exploration and discussion of that issue, with statistics and examples. What one of Canada's major banks looks for in restructuring; what the people will get.