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The asset of the potential mineral wealth of Canada. The discovery of important mineral deposits as the single factor which has done more to encourage the settlement of large areas than any other. How the discovery of the Klondike spread knowledge of the grain possibilities of the Prairies, while Cobalt, Kirkland Lake and Porcupine have been largely responsible for the development of an agricultural fringe along the railroads in the Clay Belt of Northern Ontario, and for various other activities supporting a vigorous population. Canada richly endowed with deposits of both metallic and non-metallic minerals, now one of the great mineral-producing countries of the world. Some world figures. Ontario as Canada's richest mineral province, with facts and figures. Chief mineral products of Ontario. Ways both directly and indirectly in which the whole of Ontario derives material advantage from its northern mines. The mineral wealth of British Columbia, scarcely less diversified than that of Ontario and possessing the great advantage of having abundant stores of coal. Output value figures. Coal-fields, oil and gas resources of the prairies. Coal and gold in Nova Scotia. Minerals in the Gaspe. Mining areas of Northern Ontario, and Northwestern Quebec. The vast possibilities of the mineral wealth of the pre-Cambrian area of Canada. Prospecting. The tendency among the big financial interests of Canada to fail to realize what her mineral resources mean, and explanations for it. The speculative aspect of mining. London as still the greatest mining market in the world, yet playing a relatively unimportant role in the mineral development of Canada, and why this is so. A personal account from the speaker. Financial interests in specific mines in Canada. The unfortunate tendency on the part of the British press to show less sympathy to Canadian mining than American. The approaching visit of the Empire Mining and Metallurgical Congress next summer. Hoping to create in the minds of the British Engineers a fuller appreciation of what is being accomplished at the widely diversified mines of Canada, an understanding of the special problems, geological and otherwise, and a recognition of the opportunities presented by the great unexplored areas of Canada.