Vladimir Putin

Denison, Col. G.T.

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No time for pessimism. Now a more serious outlook than at any time since the battle of the Marne. The Germans' success in getting control of almost the whole of the eastern part of Europe. The secret of the intrigues that led to the breaking down of Rumania and Russia. The current war situation. A consideration of the current situation, taking a parallel with the days of Napoleon. Finding a great deal to give us courage and confidence in the comparison. The speaker makes a detailed comparison between then and now; the position that England was in then, and what she did. Impressing upon us the comparison between these two wars--the tremendous difference in the difficulties and in the odds that were against the Mother country at that time; drawing our attention to the pluck and energy with which they stood up against the difficulties, with which they took every necessary step to try to win the war before they gave up. Britain's success in the long run. Setting our teeth and facing any odds there may be against us in the face of that parallel, that experience, and that example set to us by our forefathers. Making up our minds unanimously to take any steps that may be necessary to put us through. A look at the people of the United States during the time of their civil war. The question as to what we ought to do. Canada's current Government, with the power to do almost anything that they like that is fair and honest and in the interests of Canada. The duty owed to us by the men of this Government not to be weak and wobbly while there is a war on. How we can win this war. The speaker's belief that the people of Canada do not yet properly and thoroughly appreciate the serious character of this war. The need to go on and on and fight until we thrash the enemy, so thoroughly, that traditions would go down from generation to generation of their people, so that never again would they attempt to get control of the world. Hope that both Canada and England will fight on.