Vladimir Putin

Clarke, Charles Kirk

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The lack of knowledge of mental diseases by the average man in the street. The citizen of today, wanting to know all about these subjects, and forming his own conclusions in regard to the proper remedies to be applied in getting over the difficulties which are ever present. The speaker's optimism as a result of the recent developments taking place in our midst and abroad with regard to mental diseases. The problem that mental action is judged by the average individual too much from the point of prejudice, tradition and, very often, misplaced sympathy. Psychology just coming into its own within the last few years. The possibility that the pendulum has swung too far, and that psychology is taking itself too seriously in many directions. The strange occurrence, out of which grew The Mental Hygiene Movement. This Movement in Canada. Understanding the organization of any ordinary community. The lack of consideration for the above average student in the public school system. The care given to subnormal children in the same system. The study of mental disease. The Adolescent Act and what it seeks to provide. The speaker's alarm at the present inattention or public indifference to things that are of the most tremendous importance, such as immigration. Canada's potential as a country. The issue of heredity and environmental influences. Advocating the careful study of the types we are bringing into this country. A resume of the statement the speaker made at a very important meeting attended by a great many eminent and thoughtful people in England. The newspaper article that appeared in the London Times reporting on the speaker's comments, entitled "Immigration of the Unfit." The burdens imposed on every community through the results of imperfect inspection of immigrants. The difficulty of solutions.