Vladimir Putin

Baron Tweedsmuir of Elsfield and Lady Tweedsmuir

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Lord Tweedsmuir Russia's intentions. The British Commonwealth. The recent conference of Commonwealth Prime Ministers. Focus on the Far East. The most significant event in the last six years of Communism engulfing China and China in turn engulfing Tibet. Fighting in Korea, Indo-China, and Malaya. The concept of the "rice bowl" and what it might mean to India and Pakistan if this rice bowl moves into Russian satellites. Changes to the Commonwealth. Easternizing Western institutions. Decentralization of Government in Britain. The re-distribution of the white British race as one of the most pressing problems to be solved by this generation. Seeking to achieve a better balance. The Commonwealth becoming more important, and bearing more responsibility over the last six years. Lady Tweedsmuir A few words about Western Europe today. Two questions: "Has Europe the will and the power to unite for action in peace and in war?" and "What success will attend the creation of a European army and what will Germany's place be in that army?" Disappointment on this Continent that Western Europe has not yet managed to join together in a strict political federation. The speaker's feeling that Europe will unite to achieve a purpose in three main directions: in the field of military co-operation; in economics; and out of these may grow a political union. Some simple questions the whole free world should ask themselves: "Can the Free World do without Europe? Can the United States and Canada do without Europe? Can Europe do without them?" A universal "No" in reply to all three questions. A discussion follows. The situation in Europe, which has faced three great conflicts in the space of one man's lifetime. The need for Western Europe to have the confidence that the rest of the free world will stand beside her. Concern over France and Germany. The part Germany should play in a European Army. The duty of all the free nations. Leadership. What an individual may do. Opposing the challenge of Communism by arms and by faith. Making plain that if pushed to defend our way of life we will.