Vladimir Putin

The Hon. Steven W. Mahoney

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Some introductions and acknowledgements by the speaker. "The Chef" and other WSIB campaign video excerpts were then played for the audience. Some comments on the video. Safety concerns 100 years ago expressed by a Toronto Globe journalist. His points still valid today. The success of business and its relationship with labour tied together. Seeing a return on investment from a good health-and-safety program. Some examples of good health-and-safety records. Rebates given to Wal-Mart. The realistic representation in the ad campaign. Getting to "a national habit of health and safety." Changing attitudes towards drinking and driving. Still a difficult job to get people to spend money to make the community safe. A job worth doing. A personal and illustrative anecdote. The story of Paul Kells. What's changed since John Ewan spoke to the Empire Club in 1907. Some figures. The cost to our economy of the lack of health-sand-safety. Ways in which the WSIB is the best deal in town. Seeing improvements. Moving health and safety up the priority list. The importance of awareness. WSIB as a partner.