Vladimir Putin

Currie, General Sir Arthur W.

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Hope for the effectual solution of problems which confront our country dependent largely on our educational systems. The universities and the nation inseparably linked together in any wide view of the function of either institution. The nation as a field for the exercise of citizenship and for the display and service of man's knowledge. The university as the place where the men are prepared to discharge their duties as citizens. The two laws that govern humanity here coming into play: the law of self-culture and the law of service. The duty of every man to do everything he possibly can to make the most of himself. The need for our schools and our colleges to supply his reason with ideas, his memory with history, his will with weapons of force. Looking at the matter from another angle. A discussion of ideas that govern the world, vision as the apprehension of ideals; nationality which expresses itself in different ways. An examination of some of those ways, to better appreciate the relationships between the universities and the nation. First, economically, or in terms of industry. Then, the matter of the distribution of our wealth. Our security depending on the intelligence of the people in a nation where the government rests solely on the will of the people. How education works downward, like water. The need for universities to be strong enough to push their influence down and affect every grade and condition of society. The development of unusual talent as another province of the university. Spiritually, or in terms of the ideal, with no nation being truly great without the ideals of truth, righteousness, justice and honour. The aim of the university and its staff: to touch every stratum of national life. Education as the only thing in this country for which the people have not paid too much. Ignorance as the most costly thing in the world.