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MacDonald, The Right Honourable Malcolm

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Criticism against the Empire. The speaker's declaration of the Imperial faith of his countrymen in Britain. Two things which have got to be understood by anyone who wishes to comprehend the modern British Empire: the infinite variety it contains; the dynamic, not static, Constitution of the Empire. Constitutional changes taking place throughout the Empire now not haphazard or accidental but purposeful, by design, gradually achieving the main purpose of British Imperial policy. The purpose: that freedom shall spread ever more widely among all His Majesty's subjects, whatever their race or colour or creed and in whatever part of the world they live. The steady, evolutionary nature of that process of the spreading of freedom. The three main divisions of the Empire: the Colonial Empire, India, and the British Commonwealth of Nations in which are included all the Dominions and Britain itself, with a discussion of each including examples and illustrations of points made showing the current position of the British Empire. A summation of the main features of the British Empire today. Some words about victory. Showing how in practice men can find and tread upon the paths of peace as perhaps the noblest gift of the British Commonwealth of Nations.