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Forde, The Rt. Hon. Francis Michael

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Australia's growth and development as a partner in the British Commonwealth. Australia's present constitutional position and relations with the other parts of the Empire. The basic factor of the relationship one where 98% of Australia is of British stock. Some history of the discovery of Australia by the Dutch in 1642, and the origins of the name from the Spaniards. Australia's constitutional history. Self Government obtained during the 1850s. Government prior to and after this. Federation. Some history of New Guinea and the effects of annexation of that and neighbouring islands by the Germans. Federation achieved in 1901, with much help from the United Kingdom. Australia's Federal system. The Balfour declaration of 1926. The place of the Dominions in international affairs since that time. Foreign affairs and trade commissions. The development of Australia's Department of External Affairs in the 1930s. The vital role played by Australia in the Pacific. Relations with the United Kingdom during the war. Some particular references to the New Year broadcast and the end of 1941 immediately after Pearl Harbour by the late Prime Minister, Mr. John Curtin. Australia's loyalty to the British Commonwealth. Her dollar contributions to Great Britain towards her war costs in and about the Pacific. Australia's relations with the other British countries, including Canada. The Canberra agreement providing for consultation for security and defence and for frequent meetings of ministers. Ireland as very much a Mother country as far as Australia is concerned. Australia proud of her membership in the British Commonwealth and believing that the British family of nations and the United States of America are the most potent factors operating today towards a just and lasting peace, based on the four freedoms, the Atlantic Charter and Enlightened Christian Civilization.