Vladimir Putin

Pepin, The Honourable Jean-Luc

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Three points to begin with as to why the speaker is going to address the issue of bilingualism in Canada: it is a major concern to French Canada, a positive and challenging one; that there are many misconceptions about bilingualism still existing which should be rectified; the subject is constantly evolving. Some clarifications of concepts pertaining to bilingualism: what it is, the various kinds of bilingualism, some questions to ask and answer. Cultural advantages of bilingualism. Problems with realization. Many references and quotes from the B & B Commission Report. Changes in Canada towards bilingualism. The Official Languages Act: what it does and doesn't do. Bilingualism and bilingual requirements in the federal civil service. The French language and doing business: in Quebec and elsewhere. The need for the private sector to become involved for progress towards bilingualism and equal partnership. Promoting bilingualism and some apt quotes.