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George, Lady Megan Lloyd

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Speaking as a citizen of an old country, known to the Commonwealth as "the Old Country;" here to say a word for Britain. Some of the bills that Britain has run up and is finding it difficult to pay. Britain's national debt. Debts incurred in the cause of liberty and of suffering humanity. The situation today. Paying a very heavy price for peace. Britain making heavier sacrifices today in relation to her resources and difficulties than almost any other country in the world. Spending 23% of income on defence compared to 19% in the United States. Dollars that will be spent in the future. Measuring the extent of the contribution that Britain is making. Cause in Britain to be deeply grateful to Canada and to the U.S. for the generous assistance given. What Britain has paid out in gifts and loans, and in military expenditure to countries like Greece. Figures on the dollars Britain has given out compared to what she has received. Debts with regard to health and social services. The redistribution of wealth that has taken place in Britain as a strengthening of her industrial structure. Narrowing the gap between rich and poor. The slow process that that is. Feelings about the Welfare state. Britain's readiness to make sacrifices, and proof that she has made them in the past. Sharing the burden equally. The speaker's belief as to the remedy for Britain. Britain standing on her own two feet. The spirit of the British people. Britain taking her place once more to provide one of the most stabilizing factors in international politics and providing, with Canada and other Commonwealth nations, a living example of the peaceful collaboration of free nations.